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Shopping Tips For An Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed has a multi-hinged lying surface that you can adjust to a number of different positions, depending on which you find most comfortable. Aside from comfort, an adjustable bed provides other benefits that enhance your lifestyle and help improve your health. These benefits include easing back pain and enhancing circulation. Because of the usefulness adjustable beds offer, they are gaining popularity as a choice for those shopping for beds in Melbourne.

Before you go visiting bed shops to get your own adjustable bed, here are a few tips that could help you out in picking the perfect fit for you.

Decide on the bed size you want.

This one’s pretty basic but still important. Our adjustable bed sizes are the same as Australian standard sizes, so there’s no confusion when choosing your new adjustable bed. We also stock long single and king single so there’s a choice for every need.

Consider the choice of mattress.

Of course, part of the purchase of adjustable beds would be the mattress. The mattress should be able to provide proper support without compromising comfort. Here at Sleep King, we have a variety of memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses for you to choose from. These types of mattress can comfortably conform to both the adjustable base and your body without losing proper support.

Think about the control options

The different bases come with a variety of control options, for optimal comfort and support. Choose from bases that come with massage functions, adjustable headrests and extra lumbar support.

Adjustable beds for all ages

Did you know adjustable beds are for people of all ages? The adjustable bases are a fantastic option if you like to sit up in bed and watch TV or use your computer comfortably with proper back support. These bases are also great for people who snore during the night. Allowing the head to be slightly raised when sleeping can help open the airways to minimize snoring, ensuring a peaceful night sleep for everyone.

Looking for the perfect bedroom furniture in Melbourne?

Here at Sleep King, you can find the best sleep solutions! As a family-owned furniture retailer and bedding specialist, we offer bedroom furniture, mattresses, occasional, dining, lounge furniture, and much more. From adjustable beds and fabric beds to timber beds, Sleep King has you covered. Our well-trained staff will be more than happy to lend you a hand and guide you through finding the sleep solution you seek.

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