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Whether you're looking for a timber bed frame or upholstered bed frame, after a more classic design or a contemporary style.
You're sure to find something you will fall in love to transform your bedroom!

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Are you LOOKING for bed frames in Melbourne?

No matter your needs or budget, we’ll have a bed frame that will be perfect for you. Our diverse range of bed frames is suitable for different room shapes. They are all comfortable, each of them come with their own unique design to satisfy different needs, different living spaces as well as different stages in life. The material of our bed frames varies from timber to upholstered exteriors. Our bed frames also provide a great variety of functionality such as storage and adjustability.

Bed frame

How to choose a bed frame

It’s important to decide on a size of a bed frame before coming to shop with us. The main bed frame sizes that are available at sleep king are:

King Size Beds

  • The average king mattress size that fits a king-size bed frame is 183 x 203cm. The bed frame itself varies between 1.85m x 2.20m to roughly 1.90m to 2.25m, with some king-size beds even bigger than those dimensions. The minimum size of the bedroom to fit a king-size bed frame would be approximately 3.8m x 3.4m. The minimum dimension accounts for a minimum walking space around the bed of 50cm. To comfortably utilise a king-sized bed frame, it is recommended that the dimension of the room be at least 4m x 4m with the exclusion of the wardrobe. There isn’t a specific standard size for a room, the shape of the room severely impacts what sort of bed frame you can use. If you’re looking for king bed mattresses, we have plenty of those as well.


Queen Size Beds

  • The average queen mattress size that fits these sort of bed frames is 153 x 203cm. A queen-size bed is one of the most common bed types in here Melbourne. Why are queen size bed frames so popular. There has been an increase in smaller rooms due to townhouse developments. Most of the smaller master bedrooms that have the Victorian Standard minimum room dimension of 3.0m x 3.4m will most likely not be able to fit a king-size bed and have comfortable movement around the bed itself. You can find our queen bed mattresses at our stores in Melbourne.


Double Beds

  • The average double mattress size that fits these sort of bed frames is 138 x 188cm. It’s a well-sized bed providing a comfortable night sleep for a child or single adult but may be cramped for a couple. If you’re having trouble sizing a bed, just contact one of our team members at your local sleep king store in Melbourne.


King Single Beds

  • The average king single mattress size that fits these sort of bed frames is 107 x 203cm. The King single bed was effectively designed for people who are taller. The king single bed frame has room and length to accommodate a growing teenager and fit any guest at your house. Having a king single in your guest bedroom also makes the space fairly versatile as you will most likely still have space to use in that bedroom with the bed taking up the entire room. We have a great variety of king single beds, so if you need help, talk to one of our team members about it.


Single Beds

  • The average single mattress size that fits these sort of bed frames is 92 x 188cm. Single bed sized bed frames are absolutely perfect for smaller spaces. Small children and teens can have a good night sleep without worrying about feeling cramped or uncomfortable. These bed frames are a good option if you intend to move around as they are compact and can be easily moved in a Sedan.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or talk to us now through the live chat.